Developing a Model Composition Framework with Fujaba – An Experience Report

2009 research paper

In Proc. of 7th International Fujaba Days

Reuseware is an open-source model composition framework for composing models defined in arbitrary Ecore-based languages. In its four years of development, Reuseware has experienced many extensions and refactorings due to the integration of new research results and requirements. One year ago, a redevelopment of Reuseware’s core was started. Thanks to its EMF code generation, Fujaba was introduced as a new development tool into Reuseware’s development toolchain to replace major parts of Java coding through story driven modelling. With this we solved problems with behavior modelling and code generation we faced in the development so far. This paper summarizes our experiences in developing with Fujaba and suggests improvements for Fujaba and its EMF code generation based on that.

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