by Jendrik Johannes
Hi! I am Jendrik and I work on software (20 years and counting). Software is everywhere and developing it is both awesomely fascinating and frustratingly complex. I believe a key factor to craft good software is avoiding accidental complexity, by structuring products in terms of connected components and systems. Designing the connections between these is as important as the components and systems themselves. We need to embrace the fact that everything needs to work together in harmony to form the final product. However you turn it, in the end, a software product is a onepiece where everything is connected.
If you work on software and suffer from accidental complexity, maybe I can help?

Understanding Gradle

I share best practices for well-structrued and maintainable Grade projects on my YouTube channel.
The Settings File
The Build Files
Lifecycle Tasks
Configuring Task Inputs and Outputs
Implementing Tasks and Extensions
Declaring Dependencis
Centralizing Dependency Versions
Dependency Version Conflicts
Capability Conflicts
Publishing Libraries
Aggregating Custom Artifacts
Aggregating Custom Artifacts
Full Java Project Setup
Full Android Project Setup
Full Java Module System Project Setup

The Gradle Build Tool

One of the technologies I am most versed in is the Gradle Build Tool for automating development processes and increasing developer productivity. I worked on Gradle directly for five years and know (almost) all features and inner workings. Most importantly, I know the best practices and which of the many rich features of the tool to use in what situation.
Gradle is a very powerful tool and it can most certainly be used to solve your very specific automation needs. But it can be hard to navigate. Let me support you there. I offer:
Whenever you have questions regarding Gradle, do not hestiate to get in touch. Maybe one of my Understanding Gradle videos can help you out already (check them out above)

Projects, Publications, Talks

Overview of Projects I was invovled in, articles I published and talks I gave over the years.

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