DevBoost – Efficient Methods. Modern Tools. Better Software.

2012 project

EXIST funded Startup
with: Florian Heidenreich, Mirko Seifert, and Christian Wender

Between 2007 and 2011, we, the four founders, Florian Heidenreich, Jendrik Johannes, Mirko Seifert and Christian Wende, studied and worked together to earn our doctorates at TU Dresden, under the supervision of the Chair of Software Technology, Professor Dr. Uwe Aßmann. Our research focused on the areas of modelling, meta-modelling, component-based software development, language design, software modernisation and software development tools.

Our joint work involved the design and development of a number of open source tools (EMFText, JaMoPP, Reuseware, FeatureMapper) for increasing efficiency and quality in software development. These tools incorporated results of multiple national and international research projects (MODELPLEX, MOST, FeasiPle, HyperAdapt, SuReal and REWERSE). Today, the user base of these tools includes a number of international companies and research institutes.

Before and after our time at TU Dresden, we have been working in the IT industry. During this time, the relevance of our tools and research results for industrial practice became apparent.

An EXIST grant for founders issued by the German government and the European Union, set the foundation for DevBoost. The company DevBoost GmbH, founded in January 2012 in Berlin, offers analysis, consulting and coaching services for software development companies to improve the quality and efficiency of their development processes. This is backed by the continuous development of tools for software developers.

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