Towards a Generic Layout Composition Framework for Domain Specific Models

2009 research paper

In Proc. of 9th Workshop on Domain-Specific Modeling (DSM’09) at OOPSLA
with: Karsten Gaul

Domain Specific Models with graphical syntax play a big role in Model-Driven Software Development, as do model composition tools. Those tools however, often ignore or destroy layout information which is vital for graphical models. We believe that one reason for the insufficient support for layout information in model composition tools is the lack of generic solutions that are easy to adapt for new graphical modelling languages. Therefore, this paper proposes a language-independent framework for layout preservation and composition as an extension to existing model composition frameworks. We describe the single components of the framework and evaluate it in combination with the Reuseware Composition Framework for layout compositions in two different industrial used languages. We discuss the results of this evaluation and the next steps to be taken.

Dr. Jendrik Johannes
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