Application of Tracing Techniques in Model-Driven Performance Engineering

2008 research paper

In Proc. of 4th ECMDA Traceability Workshop
with: Mathias Fritzsche, Steffen Zschaler, Anatoly Zherebtsov, and Alexander Terekhov

In our previous work we proposed Model-Driven Performance Engineering (MDPE) as a methodology to integrate performance engineering into the model-driven engineering process. MDPE enables domain experts, who generally lack performance expertise, to profit from performance engineering by automating the performance analysis process using model transformations. A crucial part of this automated process is to give performance prediction feedback not based on internal models, but on models the domain experts understand. Hence, a mechanism is required to annotate analysis results back into the original models provided by the domain experts. This paper discusses various existing traceability methodologies and describes their application and extension for MDPE by taking its specific needs into account.

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