Reuseware Composition Framework (2006-2012)

2012 project

Open Source Project

The purpose of this work is to provide composition technology and techniques to formal languages lacking such built-in mechanisms. The work is specifically aimed towards languages in the context of the Semantic Web, such as OWL, Xcerpt, XQuery, and modeling languages, such as UML, but is not limited to them.

Such techniques will allow for componentization and composition of artifacts written in these languages and will foster re-use in the Semantic Web and model-driven software development processes. From simple composition, we also look towards more advanced techniques such as view-based programming, aspects etc. The composition techniques used are based on Invasive Software Composition (ISC).

One of the core goals of the project is to create a robust and flexible framework where old, well-known, composition techniques can be implemented for arbitrary languages, as well as easily being able to implement and experiment with new interesting techniques!


Dr. Jendrik Johannes
Grönlander Damm 35 A
22145 Hamburg
+49 178 5363745
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