Behind the Magic of Gradle with Kotlin

2018 talk

Kotlin User Group Hamburg, February 2018

If you are a Koltin (Android) developer, Gradle might be your primary (only) choice for a build tool. If you encounter Gradle for the first time and then need to configure your build, you are quickly confronted with a bunch of Groovy scripts. If you reaction is: “Groovy??!! What the %&#*??!!”

…then you are not alone.

Thousands of Android and Java developers had the same feeling once. But fear not! As Kotlin developer, you have another advantage over Java developers now: You can use a powerful build tool that you can configure without being forced to use yet another (scarily dynamic) language.

We will explore how Gradle and Kotlin work together on different levels. While we do this, we will look at some basic Gradle features you can leverage to make your builds better and which you can configure using…


Behind the Magic of Gradle with Kotlin

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